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Women and the Cannabis Industry

Weed Warriors: Meet Six Women Shaping the Cannabis Industry

From creating edibles to crafting policy, these women are influencing the way marijuana industry is rolling out in America

Among the many benefits of marijuana legalization – from an influx of tax revenue to a reduced prison population – the emerging $7 billion market is providing new opportunities, with fewer barriers, for enterprising women. As a product, cannabis “crosses genders, ethnicities, economic backgrounds and political views,” says Sally Nichols, a leading pot investor. “To me, that was a game-changer.” Here are six women advancing the cause of America’s most intoxicating cash crop.


Ariel Clark ATTORNEY

Simply speaking, Ariel Clark is a visionary. In 2008, when the idea of a cannabis business attorney was routinely considered an oxymoron, she dedicated her practice to this emerging industry. Since then, she has not only seen but helped guide the historic cultural and legal shift regarding cannabis. Be it protecting her clients’ rights or offering key legislative advice to governmental agencies, her intelligence, charisma, and tenacity has earned her a national reputation as one of cannabis’ most fierce and fair-minded advocates.

Over the years, Ariel has guided her clients through the ever-changing and complex labyrinth of rules, laws, and regulations governing medical and adult-use cannabis. These clients include licensed dispensaries, growers, and manufacturers in California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Illinois, and Michigan.


Sally Nichols

In 2014, while working in startups, Sally Nichols received a tip about the high growth potential of weed. “I learned quickly that what we imagine as the face of cannabis was only scratching the surface,” she says. “I assumed maybe writers or artists were open 
to cannabis, but what I found
 is the banker down the street loved it more than anybody.” Her company, GirlVentures, backs four startups, and Nichols heads distribution for California’s Bloom Farms, a maker of high-end cannabis products. “The industry is a unique opportunity for women,” she says. “But you still have to be great at what you do.”


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