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Reefer Madness – Our Changing Pot Perception

Reefer Madness… Common Misconceptions of Marijuana

What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have never been discovered. –Ralph Waldo Emerson

If you have not had the chance to watch the movie Reefer Madness, you should. You should watch it and then consider the fact that still for many Americans, that is exactly how they view marijuana. As a dangerous, mind altering, reality shattering drug. One that is on the same scale as heroin, and for that reason, it is considered by many, still to this day, to be a nuisance to society.

Now I am not here to dispel that fact the marijuana is a drug, because often enough marijuana proponents will say it’s a medicine, a spiritual guide, or even just a misunderstood flower. But in the end, it is a drug, just as caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol can be considered drugs. Ponder for a moment what the definition of a drug is, that being any substance other than food intended to affect the structure or any function of the body. So yes, without a doubt, and with that definition in mind, marijuana is most certainly a drug. That is unquestionable and the answer will never change. With that said and known, we can now move on.

The Common Misconceptions of Marijuana

As a medicine: This was quite literally how marijuana got its foot in the door to be decriminalized in the U.S. It was first proposed as a medicine to help relieve pain, help increase ones appetite, and a slew of other reasons. It should also be said that how it was first proposed was most certainly taken advantage of by people who simply wanted to get high. In my humble opinion, people would receive their medical marijuana cards for all the wrong reasons, complaining of a bum knee or continual pain in their shoulder or even that their hair follicles ached endlessly. Really, the only people who should have been allowed to get a medical card would be those in serious pain, such as those who go through chemotherapy.


Reefer Madness or a Sign of the Times? How Marijuana is Changing America

Louise Stanger is a speaker, educator, licensed clinician, social worker, certified daring way facilitator and interventionist who uses an invitational intervention approach to work with complicated mental health, substance abuse, chronic pain and process addiction clients.

In the 1936 movie Reefer Madness, the lives of several teens at a local high school are forever changed from smoking marijuana. The movie was intended to be a cautionary tale about the consequences of teens using drugs – particularly marijuana – and the impact it will have on the rest of their lives.


From ‘Reefer Madness’ to Marijuana Legalization

Imagine—if you can—a social gathering of young millennials enjoying a pseudo intellectual debate while passing around the vape. Consider the affluent suburbs, where pre-rolled joints from Willie’s Reserve are handed out while guests are greeted by the hosts. Think about the factory workers, truck drivers, laborers, and clerks who smoke marijuana to ease the boredom of the day. Businessmen, brokers, attorneys, and accountants score an ounce or two of quality weed from the firm’s friendly dealer, be it a stock boy or another partner. Marijuana, once feared is now as much a part of our culture as much as beer and hotdogs.


Prestigious Toronto business club hosts its first marijuana event

A private business club almost as old as Canada held its first-ever marijuana event in downtown Toronto, demonstrating that medical cannabis is becoming more mainstream among the nation’s business elite. The National Club, located in Toronto’s financial district, hosted a panel discussion with industry experts in medical marijuana, finance and dispensary design that was attended […]


5 Reasons Why Health Insurance Should Cover Medical Marijuana

It makes sense that health insurance should cover medical marijuana. After all, cannabis is a type of medicine that doctors prescribe. So why is it that you can’t present your insurance card at a dispensary? Is there any hope for the future?


Will Marijuana Be Covered by Your Insurance Plan?

Support for marijuana is rapidly gaining steam, but could this changing tide of public opinion sway your insurer to eventually cover marijuana for medical purposes? The answer is more complicated than you might think.


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