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Cannabis Christmas

The best Christmas gifts for cannabis enthusiasts in 2017

Christmas is creeping up and fast. But there’s still plenty of time to pick up some weed-friendly gifts before the festivities commence. From portable vaporizers to tasty edible treats, picking out the perfect present is hard when you are overwhelmed by options. That’s why HERB has put together the ultimate Christmas gift guide for weed lovers. Whether you’ll be treating yourself, a friend, or a family member this year, here are all the best Christmas gifts for cannabis enthusiasts.


Pot Advent Calender

Pot advent calendar sales on fire, buyers pay up to $230 for marijuana holiday treat
‘We actually didn’t think it was going to take off like this,’ says pot vendor

An unlicensed marijuana dispensary in Vancouver is struggling to keep up with sales after taking advantage of what it terms a “legal grey area” by selling a Christmas advent calendar full of medicinal pot and marijuana edibles.

So far, Coast to Coast Medicinals says it’s sold more than 125 of the calendars for between $200 and $230 each. The calendars can be customized with products that can be smoked or eaten, from gummy bears to chocolate bars — and even products safe for pets.

“It’s gone kind of crazy. We actually didn’t think it was going to take off like this,” said owner Lorilee Fedler, who told CBC her business is not licensed.

Fedler started her business this spring. She doesn’t smoke pot herself, but says she changed her thinking about marijuana after working in a friend’s dispensary and seeing testimonials from seniors and people with epilepsy who said they were getting medical relief from the products.

“It’s kind of changed my whole perspective on it,” she said.


Marijuana advent calendars turn out to be holiday hit for Vancouver dispensary

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and with marijuana on track to be legalized by July next year, some new gifts are popping up under the tree.
This year, hundreds of people are opting for advent calendars filled with pot.

Lorilee Felder, owner of Coast to Coast Medicinals in Vancouver, says her holiday creation is selling like crazy.

There are three different kinds to choose from: flower-only (just marijuana on its own), edibles (including gummies, hard candies, truffles and chocolate), or mixed.

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For each day of December, customers will receive one gram of marijuana in their holiday treat — with the exception of Christmas Eve which is bumped up to three grams.

Felder told CKNW’s Steele & Drex that the demand for the calendars has been climbing.

Marijuana advent calendars turn out to be holiday hit for Vancouver dispensary

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