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Canadian Cannabis is a Good Investment

Find The Best Canadian Marijuana Stocks or Pot Stock to Invest In

Canada’s Liberal government has paved the way for recreational use in the near future, boosting the value of marijuana stocks or “pot stock”.

Below you will find ten of the best marijuana stocks covered by our analysts.

The medical marijuana industry has taken off in Canada; companies and investors alike want a piece of the action of this industry that could expand quickly to $5 billion annually. SmallCapPower identifies the best Marijuana Stocks that could see new highs from this budding industry.

The ‘pot stock’ boom was sparked by a decision by Canadian regulators to allow licensed producers to grow medical marijuana on a commercial basis beginning on April 1, 2014. On that day, Health Canada said the 40,000 Canadians currently licensed to grow their own medical marijuana will have to dispose of their present stash and get future medicine from commercial growers.
Today, Canada’s Liberal government has paved the way for recreational use , boosting the value of these marijuana stocks or “pot stock”.


Forget pot producers – here’s a better way for investors to cash in on cannabis legalization

The cannabis retailer from Vancouver makes a strong pitch to a group of wealthy investors for capital to expand his budding business.

Charts highlight solid growth and healthy sales projections in what is expected to be a booming market. Upscale stores will be designed to appeal to baby boomers and younger consumers with high disposable incomes. We could be looking at a pot version of Starbucks in the making.

There is only one minor sticking point not mentioned to the more than 200 investors and industry participants eager to make connections at a recent cannabis investment forum in Toronto. Independent retail stores are illicit everywhere in Canada. And it might remain that way even after Ottawa legalizes recreational marijuana next July. Each province will determine how and where the stuff can be sold.


Investing in Cannabis? Consider Going Global With Canadian Companies

With so many American states legalizing medical and adult-use cannabis, it’s no surprise that entrepreneurs are joining the rapidly growing industry. Federal illegality, though, makes it tough for these pioneers and their investors to make money.
Scaling a business that’s prohibited from selling product outside the state in which it’s produced is quite challenging. Add the onerous federal 280E tax—which disallows normal business expenses and can lead to income tax being due even when a company isn’t even profitable—and it’s no wonder that we aren’t seeing a bull market in cannabis producers or retailers.
Our neighbors to the north and south are on board. Mexico recently legalized (but hasn’t yet implemented) medical cannabis. Canada’s federally legal medical cannabis program now serves more than 200,000 patients nationwide. Uruguay has legalized cannabis and allows it to be sold in pharmacies.


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