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Cannabis News Vegas

Las Vegas

Cannabis News’s wholly-owned subsidiary Cannabis News Las Vegas LLC, is in the process of constructing a state-of-the-art Cannabis cultivation facility in the Apex business park, situated within the city of North Las Vegas, Nevada. Our planned facility will have a total of 380,000 sq ft, in order to get our product into dispensaries in a timely manner; our initial construction will consist of two 5,000 sq ft starter buildings. The combined revenue of both starter buildings is estimated to be 9.9 million dollars annually. Furthermore, the entire cultivation of the 380,000 sq ft of canopy development is contracted to several dispensaries located within Las Vegas.

Situated along Interstate 15, Apex Business Park is just 25 minutes from McCarran International airport and within five hours from the Port of Los Angeles. Apex has the potential to become one of the predominant industrial developments in the western United States. Access to major North American cities is readily available via Highway 93 and the Union Pacific Railroad. The park offers access to municipal groundwater, high pressure gas and an abundance of power supplied by the five power generation stations within the park’s boundaries

While medical cannabis has been legal in Nevada since November 7, 2000, Nevada recently passed a bill legalizing the use of recreational cannabis and Cannabis News is poised to take full advantage of this opportunity. July 1st 2017, is the expected date in which the first recreational sales shall take place.

Licenses issued to Cannabis News subsidiaries

When reviewing the City of North Las Vegas business licenses, you will notice they have the word “Temporary” on them. This is because the City has not had their final meeting to confirm recreational licensing in the City, and as a result they cannot issue permanent licenses. Once that confirmation has been made, the temporary licenses will automatically be upgraded to


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